I have been blessed to meet many from God's kingdom and serve them faithfully.  Attached here are individual testimonies from professors, peers, church members, pastors, and friends.  I am thankful for each and every one of you. 

​"I have had the privilege of interacting with Phil both professionally and personally in the classroom and out. I have found him to be sincere in his Christian commitment, a faithful husband and father, hardworking, and of impeccable character. His ministry to the homeless in Fort Worth has impacted the community, motivated churches, influenced the city and police departments, and challenged both faculty and students.” – Dr. Deron Biles, Dean of Extension Education at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“God has called and gifted Phillip Koo to reach the unbelievers with the gospel of Jesus Christ. He proclaims the gospel to the lost through both text-driven preaching and bold personal evangelism. If you desire a preacher who will honor Christ, will evangelize unbelievers in your community, and will encourage the believers in your own congregation, allow me to recommend that you invite Phillip Koo to speak at your next event or worship service.” – Dr. Matt Queen, Associate Dean of Doctoral Programs, Assistant Professor of Evangelism at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary



​“On behalf of Bethel, let me just say that we greatly benefited from your teaching and preaching.  Your genuine and sincere spirit as well as your love for people was ever so evident.  You handled God's Word in truth and presented it in an effective way and in a way that all could understand.  You have a great ministry and really reach out to those that are hurting.  Thanks so much for your love and devotion of Christ and your desire to share the Word of Life." - Pastor Doug Gifford, Senior Pastor at Bethel Baptist Church, Rochester, MN



"I have had the opportunity to hear Phil preach on numerous occasions. He is always well prepared, thouroughly text-driven, and greatly used of God. He will be a blessing to both you and your church, I guarantee it!"  - Vern Charette,  Instructor of Preaching at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary  




"I thoroughly enjoyed your sermon.  It was a tremendous reminder of our need for continual repentance.  I am thankful for your careful exegesis of Joel and your animation your brought to the pulpit.  I beleive any church would be glad to welcome you to their pulpit work or even on staff.  May the Lord richly bless you in your ministry and family life." - Pastor Paul Simpson, Crosspoint Baptist Church, Terrell, TX



"Hey Phillip. Checked out your website! Pretty powerful preaching! You are making such a difference in peoples lives and those from Gateway Baptist Church's Disciple Now weekend and I really appreciate it. God Bless."  - Matthew Reaves, Gateway Baptist Church, Miami, FL

"I really appreciate your visit to S***g and ministered to a house church Bible School and the college students. You are a great model to the college students and they've learned a lot from you." - Pastor Ju, Southeast Asia

"The elder board at Hillside Baptist Church joyfully and without reservation recommends Phillip Koo for service in the ministry. He served with us as our interim Pastor for one year. He was truly a blessing to us and our congregation. Phillip's love for the Lord and His people is palpable. Through expository preaching, Phillip has a God given ability to bring people to a deep understanding of God's Word. His passion for the truth of God's Word is evident. It was an absolute honor to serve with him as our Pastor. He is the real deal, a true brother in Christ, willing to sacrifice his time, energy, and resources to furthering God's kingdom." -Hillside Baptist Church

"Praying and thanking God for you! You had a real impact on our people. Thank the Lord!" -Pastor Ed Stuart, Christian Chinese Alliance Church of Tampa Bay, FL

"I Just wanted to let you know how very blessed I was with each message you delivered at the Bertram Revival. I never really got to visit with you much (I sat by you last night at the fellowship) but wanted to let you know I was convicted several times but especially last night. When you spoke of living in fear and how that is so contrary to a life of faith, I wanted to cry! My husband passed away about three years ago and I realized how fearful I have been all my life especially since I don't have him to rely upon. This is so not how I want to live my life and is so not reflective of my faith that God will take care of me. Thank you for reminding me of this and I will pray that God will help me replace that fear with faith and reliance on him! I pray that you and your sweet family have a safe trip home and will come to see us again. Thank you!" -Pamela Smith, First Baptist Church of Bertram, TX

"Phill preaches the Word with boldness and confidence. He has a heart for reaching the lost and points the audience towards the risen Savior. I appreciate Phill's honest and humble nature in and out of church. I believe the Lord will use him to bless your congregation." - Pastor Steven Ball, Spring Valley Baptist Church, Las Vegas, Nevada

"What a joy it was to have you with us last Sunday. The Lord used your ministry among us in many ways. What I've heard indicates people appreciated your sermon and were encouraged by the narrative you shared. I also talked to a couple who came up to greet you and ended up with you praying for them. That was meaningful." - Pastor Marv Gibbs, Evangelical Chinese Church, Hong Kong

"I want to thank you so much for preaching at our retreat this past weekend. I really appreciated getting to rest from preaching and getting to sit under another brother's teaching. My leaders also really enjoyed how retreat went and hearing you preach. They are still talking about it on our group chat!" -Pastor Bret Imamura, Church of Grace, New York, NY.