Over the past year trips have been suspended due to increased persecution and COVID-19.  Please continue stay up to date on this site for new information. 


     Once again, I am headed back to East Asia to train the underground church. I will be returning November 2019. I'm hoping to raise $3,000.00 by the end of October 2018. This is my eleventh trip over the past four years to train elders in ecclesiology, homiletics, and hermeneutics. As you know, the region is a growing web of house churches. This is a model that works for them. That means when I train, I go there to contextualize methods they can use with their people. However, Scripture remains fully inerrant and sufficient for all. 


Where does you and your church come in? There are many needs for this trip. 


     One of these is the need for Bibles and thumb drives. You may be wondering, what do these two things have in common? Even though bringing Bibles is not all that difficult, under the current religious guidelines of the government, passing them out, is. Therefore, the best way to deliver Bibles is to bring digital ones via thumb drives. Many things can be printed without regulation. Bibles are in that category. The more digital drives we can get into the hands of the church, the more affordable it is to print, deliver, and bring the Word throughout the city and rural areas.


     Second, an intentional and intense need for local church wide prayer. Nothing is greater than knowing cities like Miami, Florida; Duluth, Georgia; Houston, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; etc... praying for you and the team. I cannot function without your active petition to the Lord. A couple trips ago, I suffered a deep migraine I could not shake. I threw up the day before and did not know whether I could teach the following day. Lo and behold, after making my request known, within two hours I made it up to the mountains and was able to preach that evening! God works mightily and it begins with your petition on my behalf.

     Third, giving hearts who sees financial sacrifice as pecuniary gains. Therefore, my request for monetary funding may not be profitable. Yet, great gain comes from knowing that lives will be changed, pastors and elders be trained, and underground churches have access to the most current and adequate resources to date for interpreting Scripture, discipling indigenous believers, growing the local house/underground church, and reproducing resources and disciples. I reinforce what is learned and encourage students to teach, so all Biblical principles are reproducible. 



Will you invest, pray, and give? My prayer is you do; to give follow these instructions below:


Step 1: Click: https://myccbc.ccbcfamily.org/default.aspx?page=3530&mission=102

Step 2: Under "Trip Information" there is a scroll down bar. 

Step 3: Select "Koo-Southeast Asia 2018" and you can invest.


I thank God for you and your church. If you ever want to hear my vision for this region, please don't hesitate to request for videos, testimony, or a time to preach. I will do all I can to reach your congregation and city for Christ!


Soli Dei Gloria,

Phillip Koo


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